About Carya

About Carya ...

Carya Automation consists of a team of experienced employees with basic knowledge from various disciplines, such as physics, mathematics, electrical engineering and chemistry. Carya has over ten years experience in developing applications for both the process and manufacturing industries. We understand your jargon. We share your terminology and process knowledge.

We have successfully undertaken several projects for multinationals like Shell, Applus, Alstom and Philips. Additionally Carya also works closely with research institutes and small and medium-sized enterprises, which has resulted in projects for or in cooperation with for example TNO, TU Delft, NMi and RIVM.

Carya consists of 9 employees.

  • Erik van Gelder
  • Peter Batenburg
  • Wiebe Walstra (CLA, LabVIEW Champion)
  • René Geernaert
  • André Buurman (CLA, CLED)
  • Robert de Groot (CLA, CLED)
  • Naiara Arellano
  • Mark Schoneveld (CLD)
  • Gert-Jan Berends (CLA)

Carya Automation, sound measurement station railway


Carya pays much attention to the project specification, in consultation with the client. You can expect sound advice from us about choice in software design and measurement hardware. Quality is everything.


We are capable to perform both projects in-house and on location. Flexibility is important. We can also take on subprojects. Depending on the project size we may or may not develop incrementally and evaluate intermediate deliveries with you. Naturally your project will be documented complete with electrical schematics.