Privacy statement

Carya Automatisering designs and develops automation solutions for industry and research institutions. To this end, Carya makes applications that are developed with the LabVIEW development environment. In some cases, the operating unit is also created and the cabling from the operating unit to the system installed. Carya Automatisering also supplies various products.

This statement is intended to provide information on how Carya deals with the personal details you provide. By providing this information, you explicitly agree to the manner in which Carya collects, processes and stores this data.




In order to carry out projects for clients, certain data on the contact person concerned will be used during the project:
• Name
• E-mail address
• Company or private phone number


Carya will only use the data supplied by the client, e.g. as stated on the business card or available on the client’s website. This data will be used to execute the task.

The data will be retained, even after the project. This is for the purposes of after-care with respect to the supplied item/service or for any potential subsequent tasks related to the project or other projects. The CRM system in which these customer details are stored is adequately secured. Business cards will be stored safely.




It is possible to enter contact information at various places on the Carya Automatisering website.




If you would like to apply for a position at Carya, you can enter your contact details in the contact form (minimum requirement: name and email address). You can also upload your CV. This data is collected in order to maintain contact and potentially invite you to attend an interview. If
this application does not lead to recruitment, Carya will delete your contact details and CV within four weeks.




It is possible to use the contact form to ask Carya a question. A name and address is sufficient for this. Depending on the nature of the question(s), these details will be deleted immediately after processing or retained for a little longer.
The website is secured adequately.
If you have provided any information to Carya at any time, you can ask us which information we have on you. Carya will provide an answer within four weeks. On this ground, you can ask that some or all of this information be deleted. As long as there are no grounds to retain this information, this request will be granted. The information will be deleted within four weeks of the request being submitted.

If you do not agree with the way in which Carya processes your data (i.e. collects, processes and retains it), you can let us know via email ( or by post (Carya Automatisering, Vertrouwelijk, Rotterdamseweg 183C, 2629 HD Delft).

If this does not result in a satisfactory solution, you may contact the Data Protection Authority (