In close collaboration with calibration laboratories, Carya developed an application for calibrating pipettes. pi-Cal is user-friendly, fast and powerful. The application can read out various types of scale and save the data in a relational database. pi-Cal assesses the pipette on accuracy and precision and immediately generates a calibration certificate (PDF). The user screens are highly efficient, so that measurements and registration are quick and easy processes. pi-Cal is made in LabVIEW and can be supplied in different versions. For more information, please see


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PDF Toolkit for LabVIEW


Users of testing and measurement systems often need the results to be presented in an organised report. To meet this need, Carya developed a handy PDF toolkit for LabVIEW. This toolkit makes it possible to immediately convert the data from the application to graphs or tables, for example. A PDF document can then be generated based on a template you have created.
The PDF Toolkit for LabVIEW runs on Windows and Linux operating systems supported by NI LabVIEW, including Linux based NI compactRIO systems.


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Carya open source library


Carya Automatisering regularly holds user group presentations at events. Topics covered are often top-quality libraries such as LogonUser and Dynamic-Scaling. Carya offers the libraries from these presentations free of charge in a library on, where you can experiment with the source codes on the basis of the presentation.


You can find the Carya library using the following link:


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Innovative solutions for a range of (complex) projects for the process and production industry.

A close team of passionate ‘thinkers and doers’.

Meticulous four-step method:
• Programme of requirements
• Development
• Commissioning
• Documentation

The best possible solution in the most efficient manner.

NI System Integration Partner
NI Certifications

• Architects (CLA)
• Embedded Developers (CLED)
• Developers (CLD)
• Professional Instructors (CPI)


  • Pilot plants
  • Test and measurement systems
  • Process management
  • Process monitoring
  • Data acquisition
  • Data logging
  • Calibration (remote)
  • Monitoring
  • Software development
  • User interfaces
  • Hardware support
  • Cabinet construction
  • Measurement cases
  • Maintenance
  • System migration
  • Turnkey projects
  • Labview courses
  • Service level agreement


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