Systeem migration

Planning to switch to a new measurement system? Want to be better, faster or more future-proof? Good system integration in this context is vital. But best left to the experts. At Carya, we have the expertise you need.


Check, double check and triple check


The migration of measurement systems is not simply arranged at the touch of a button. It must in no way be at the expense of processes, functionalities and data quality. Better, faster and / or more modern is the only possible outcome.

There is only one way: with punctual preparation! That’s why we first do our homework at Carya. We map out wishes and requirements … Supplement them with new opportunities … We detect and eliminate risks … Conduct close consultation with those involved … Make a solid plan of action … We do a check, double check and triple check … Keep the switchover interruption shorter than short … And the case is done.


Innovative solutions for a range of (complex) projects for the process and production industry.

A close team of passionate ‘thinkers and doers’.

Meticulous four-step method:
• Programme of requirements
• Development
• Commissioning
• Documentation

The best possible solution in the most efficient manner.

NI System Integration Partner
NI Certifications

• Architects (CLA)
• Embedded Developers (CLED)
• Developers (CLD)
• Professional Instructors (CPI)


  • Pilot plants
  • Test and measurement systems
  • Process management
  • Process monitoring
  • Data acquisition
  • Data logging
  • Calibration (remote)
  • Monitoring
  • Software development
  • User interfaces
  • Hardware support
  • Cabinet construction
  • Measurement cases
  • Maintenance
  • System migration
  • Turnkey projects
  • Labview courses
  • Service level agreement


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