Test and measurement systems

Do you want to test and measure in the most effective way possible? And are you seeking a partner for whom the unthinkable is often thinkable? Consider the thinkers and doers at Carya. Pleased to meet you!




Carya develops test and measurement systems for a wide range of applications. We do this on the basis of fundamental expertise in areas such as physics, maths, electrotechnics and chemistry. At Carya, we speak your language. And that’s useful because customisation is created together.
The thinkers and doers at Carya are there from A to Z. They offer turnkey systems, complete with smart applications, testing and measuring hardware, casings, wiring, etc. And they also demonstrate that quality and cost-effectiveness most definitely can go hand in hand. By integrating your existing hardware, for example. At Carya, we focus on sustainability. Sustainable solutions and relationships.



Planning to switch to a new measurement system? Want to be better, faster or more future-proof? Good system integration in this context is vital. But best left to the experts. At Carya, we have the expertise you need.


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B1-relay test system

Client: RET


For Rotterdam-based RET, Carya developed a unique test system for efficiently checking B1-relay. The system tests coil resistance, contact resistance, ddrop away and pick up currents and delay times.


A few features:

• NI CompactDAQ-based.
• Data reported in PDF (with Carya PDF Toolkit for LabVIEW) and/or structured ASCII-files.
• NI Vision for implementation of relay type-detection.
• PCB on customer specification for implementation of signal routing.


Client: Fugro


Carya developed a system to monitor railway tunnels with above-ground building and demolition work. Any deformity of the tunnel shaft outside the limits activated an SMS alarm. Work could then be halted and the situation investigated.


A few features:

• NI CompactRIO-based.
• Data recorded at external data location.
• Alarms sent by text message.
• Combination of accelerometers, tilt sensors and laser distance sensors.

Sound filter – test machine

Client: sound filter manufacturer


For a leading sound filter manufacturer, Carya developed a testing machine that could test multiple filters simultaneously for leakage specifications. The machine led to substantially shorter testing times and improved repeatability, without crosstalk on adjacent measurement channels.


A few features

• NI CompactRIO-based.
• Via NI-OPC UA server integrated with Siemens S7 machine operating-PLC.


Innovative solutions for a range of (complex) projects for the process and production industry.

A close team of passionate ‘thinkers and doers’.

Meticulous four-step method:
• Programme of requirements
• Development
• Commissioning
• Documentation

The best possible solution in the most efficient manner.

NI System Integration Partner
NI Certifications

• Architects (CLA)
• Embedded Developers (CLED)
• Developers (CLD)
• Professional Instructors (CPI)


  • Pilot plants
  • Test and measurement systems
  • Process management
  • Process monitoring
  • Data acquisition
  • Data logging
  • Calibration (remote)
  • Monitoring
  • Software development
  • User interfaces
  • Hardware support
  • Cabinet construction
  • Measurement cases
  • Maintenance
  • System migration
  • Turnkey projects
  • Labview courses
  • Service level agreement


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