PDF Toolkit for LabVIEW

PDF Toolkit for LabVIEW

Carya Automation develops solutions for the automation of test and measurement systems. In many of these applications the customer requires the results of the test to be presented in a report. Such a report can consist of a single page with some text and a list of numbers e.g. a calibration certificate. It can also be more extensive: several pages of text, tables and graphs. These reports most often have to comply with the corporate house style, or government rules.

It is possible to generate such a report using a full-fledged word processor, but the interface with it can be very demanding. The word processor also has to run on the same machine as the application, which is most often not wanted. To transfer the data through a network and to generate the report elsewhere is not always desirable.

PDF Toolkit for LabVIEW example

In many of these projects Carya uses LabVIEW as the development environment. To facilitate the production of reports directly from the application, Carya has developed the PDF Toolkit. This toolkit makes it possible to take data from the application, be it text, numbers or graphs and put that together into a ‘Portable Document Format’ (pdf) file. A pdf-file can be viewed using Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader® and can be read in most browsers.

Great flexibility

The toolkit has been developed for developers who require great flexibility. The specification of the PDF format is very detailed and the generation of the document with the toolkit is on this level. This implies that with the toolkit the developer has complete control over where to put texts, graphs etc. on the page.

PDF Toolkit for LabVIEW

With the toolkit it is possible to encode the layout of the required document in one or more VI’s and let the LabVIEW application fill the template with data to produce a pdf-document.

Two editions

Carya presents the PDF Toolkit for LabVIEW in two editions: Free and Professional.

Free Professional
Text & pictures
Graph from LV Control
14 Fonts
Multi-column text
Links (int/ ext/ hyper)
LV Picture Control (vector)
Document Map

Free Edition

The Free Edition is an evaluation version containing a limited set of features. With this edition it is possible to generate a report containing text, graphs and tables. There is no time limit set on the use of the toolkit. On the reports generated with the Free Edition a small reference to Carya is displayed. The main purpose of this edition is to show what is feasible and how to generate a document directly from a LabVIEW application. When the Free Edition is used commercially a Run-time License is required for each instance of applications in which the toolkit is used.


Professional Edition

The Professional Edition contains a more complete implementation of the PDF specification. It has more features; no reference to Carya is displayed on the reports and the block diagrams of the basic VI’s are made available. When the Professional Edition is used commercially Run-time Licenses are again required.